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       "Sherri Danae"

"Sherri Danae has such a heart
for worship and the ministry
that God has called her to. It
is so evident that she sees her
ministry as a calling and an
opportunity to share the love
of Christ with those that she
comes in contact with. She is
dedicated to put that calling
before her own life and her
own desires. I really believe
that God will continue to bless
her as she ministers with all of
her heart in an effort to bring
glory to her Savior. She has
what we all need....A Heart of

Pastor Chris Massey
Kinport Assembly of God
Testimony of God's miracles in Sherri Danae's life!
Beautiful songs of love, praise, and healing!
Words of hope and encouragement!
Worship, praise, honor, and glory to Jesus Christ!

"I would like to heartily recommend "Sherri Danae" to any church interested in being real with God
and each other. I was very hesitant to have her come to our church (I'm not a big concert guy,
don't really like doing the fallout control that is sometimes left behind), but I was absolutely awed
by what God did in the service. I don't say things like this very often, but "God came down" the day
"Sherri Danae" was with us. Our people were moved to be transparent and let God bear their
burdens. Praise the Lord for this awesome ministry."

Pastor Brad Brunner
Faith Baptist Church

"Thank you so much for the wonderful way you convey the love of Christ through music. The
recent morning worship service was a blessing to the whole church both young and old. We pray
that you will continue to receive the grace to continue your ministry and offer the whole Body of
Christ the message of hope and salvation found only in our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I heartily
endorse your ministry and know that you are making a difference for eternity."

Yours for the Master,
Pastor John C. Phillip
New Bethlehem Church of God

t gives me great delight to recommend Sherri Danae for ministry in your church. In my 30 years of
ministry I have encountered many who had a desire to serve the Lord with their gifts and talents,
and sad to say, their spirit was not always in line with what God was asking of them.  However,
Sherri has demonstrated a different kind of spirit that clearly reveals a call on her life to minister
to the body of Christ.  
When Sherri Danae held a concert in our church, it was clearly evident that God has His hand on
her.  Not only was her music uplifting and connected well with her audience, but we found her
words to be sprinkled with salt and light encouraging those of all ages.
While, so many ministry quests have a story to tell of their passed lives, Sherrie Danae was able to
help those who have been raised in a Christian environment but found the things of the world
attractive to her for a short period of time. We often think that a sensational testimony of God’s
deliverance from a long life of sin is the most effective means in reaching the lost. However, the
church also needs to witness those who found Jesus Christ at an early age, and allowed the enemy
to distort their Christian experience for a time. It is a demonstration of God’s keeping power and
His willingness to restore what the enemy tried to steal. It is this kind of witness that helps people
of all ages to stay away from the trappings of this world. It gives the church the realization that
God’s grace is sufficient in keeping and protecting us, and providing a way when we fall away
from the blessings of God.
If you are looking for a ministry that will not only encourage but will inspire young and old alike, I
highly recommend giving Sherri Danae an opportunity to share her ministry in whatever venue you
may need to bless your congregation and community.

John W. Wiley, Lead Pastor
Everett Assembly of God

"The Summerville charge has had the pleasure of worshipping with Sherri Danae twice in the past
two years. We have been blessed. Sherri's voice is a powerful instrument for the Lord and her
testimony and invitation bring wonderful tears of the Spirit to those who hear. Beyond that, she is
a beautiful young woman in every way."

Pastor Bill Saxman
Summerville and Kingsville UMC

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