"Sherri Danae"

8 1/2" x 11"

11" x 17"  
"Sherri Danae", a dynamic and anointed
young lady whose sole purpose in life is
to sing for her Lord. Beautiful inside and
out, she radiates the love of Christ.
Young or old, the music appeals to all
ages because of the variety of styles.
Concerts are for all denominations
because of the sacrifice Jesus has made
for us all. The songs are powerful and
stirring as they draw attention to the
glory of Christ. The musical selections
are exciting, encouraging, uplifting, and fun as well as moving  
and emotional and bring those who hear to a humble
appreciation for the sacrifice that Jesus made for them.
"Sherri Danae's" concerts have been described by many as a
"worship experience". Pastors, as well as those in the
audiences have been truly touched and have been brought to
tears with the anointing that God has placed upon her voice
and her ministry. Come and experience the power and
presence of God through music.  Come and be blessed!


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